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When setting audit log location to REMOTE there is a huge drop in performance




      Bug description

      For the Rest-Fixed test which involves a large number of requests being carried out by the agent then we get a large drop in performance if we have the Audit Log Location set to REMOTE.

      The drop is about 85% (From 36975 requests to 6345 requests).

      This drop only seems to happen with the Rest-Fixed case but this one has the fastest rate of requests so it not surprising that this is where the difference is noticed.

      An example of a performance job which shows this is http://jenkins-fr.internal.forgerock.com:8080/job/Agents-6.0.x/job/WebAgents/job/apache_agent_audit_logging/6//execution/node/3/ws/results/20181021-140140/WPA/graph/rest_fixed-1540123633699/index.html

      An investigation was carried out to verify that this is indeed an issue (AMAGENTS-2094) and further details are provided.

      How to reproduce the issue

      1) Set up Agent and OpenAM

      2) Set logging to use REMOTE

      3) Run a test using the rest-fixed test case

      Expected behaviour

      Performance similar to when using LOCAL logging

      Current behaviour

      We get 85% drop in performance

      Work around

      Logs can be collected locally rather than sending to openam (remotely) if necessary.

      A fix may be tricky as the agent has to send a lot of requests to openam. An option would be to document this behaviour.


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