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Upgrading from agent 5.6.2 or earlier to 5.7.0 may cause config issues if free form properties are configured.



    • 2020.11 - Agents


      As seen in OPENAM-16545, If there are advanced properties configured then the behaviour has changed for 5.7.0 so that free form properties will take precedence.

      This means that if customers are in a situation where they have a property configured using the actual property name and the same property configured using free form properties then the free form property will override the actual property when it would not have for 5.6.2 or earlier. In theory, customers should not have the same property configured separately using actual property name and free form for the same property but it is possible that customers will have issues with this.

      This is more likely to be a problem with AM 7.0.0 since there are a lot of properties which are in the GUI which previously could only be set using advanced properties.

      If the agent configuration (Applications > Agents > Web > Advanced Tab) has custom properties (com.sun.identity.agents.config.freeformproperties) then there is a potential problem in that we now have some of the properties added to the GUI with default values in AM 7.0.0. These properties may overwrite the free form properties which would mean that the agent would not behave in the expected way.

      If you have AM 7.0.0 and are upgrading from 5.6.2 or lower to 5.7.0 then freeform properties should be changed so that they are using actual property names.

      If you have Agent 5.7.0 and are upgrading from earlier AM to AM 7.0.0 then there is less to worry about since advanced properties will always take precedence.


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