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Add information regarding usage of amMonitoring.xml for managing OpenAM monitoring in a site.


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      There is a file amMonitoring.xml that is bundled in our product for managing OpenAM monitoring, However in our current product documents as well as knowledge base, we don't have any details regarding the usage of it.

      Customer is asking detaild scenario related questions on utilizing amMonitoring.xml to manage monitoring OpenAM in a site with multiple OpenAM configurations. They also have detailed scenario related questions in automating installation of OpenAM site environment to automate managing monitoring amMonitoring.xml as well.
      Based upon the research so far it seems like a parameter was available in Sun OpenSSO days per following URL https://lists.forgerock.org/pipermail/openam/2011-July/022780.html
      Per above link and per Peter Major response, to activate the changes made in amMonitoring.xml, the usage of ssoadm command is needed but customer do not want to use ssoadm command either and currently we are in process of collecting the exact steps (commands) that they are doing as well as copy of amMonitoring.xml.

      Expected Outcome:- Update to document to add usage of amMonitoring.xml in to product document. Here is the link that has the section of doc that could be an appropriate place to add information for usage of amMonitoring.xml


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