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oauth2/authorize consent page (authorize.json) should take locale headers into account


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      Set up OpenID Connect provider and client.
      Create oam/XUI/locales/fr directory and copy the content of /locales/en/ into there.
      Edit /fr/authorize.json to reflect a different language for the consent page.
      Change the browser to French locale.

      Initiating an oauth2/authorize request lands at the login page.
      All text is localised (French) correctly due to the Headers/i18next cookie value.


      Upon reaching the consent page, only openam/XUI/locales/en/authorize.json is loaded, and the page is the default English page, not the newly added french one.

      Solution: Add spec-compliant param ui_locales=fr to the URL and it loads the new authorize.json file (as well as the English one), and the page is correctly translated to French.

      Adding locale=fr to the URL does NOT affect the localised files used by the consent page.

      Problem: It may not always be possible to configure all OIDC parameters in the request.
      For example, from a 3rd party app which simply takes endpoint locations for parameters and assumes the native client locale (mobile/tablet) will be honoured.

      It would be useful if the oauth2/authorize endpoint took into account the 'locale' parameter, or ideally the locale headers in the request to have consistent localisation with all other user pages.


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