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Adding a new server (site) requires a Restart on all the old servers


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 13.5.0
    • Fix Version/s: 13.5.2
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      AWS Elastic provision w/o sticky
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      AM Sustaining Sprint 45
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      Yes but I used my own steps. (If so, please add them in a new comment)


      NOTE: This bug only applies to 13.5.x or prior version as AM 5 onward will not be using session crosstalk.

      Background context
      (OPENAM-480 may not had addressed)
      The setup for this is to perform adding multiple new OpenAM instance and hoping that the session are HA and the rest. Here say we create a OpenAM server with an external configuration and they are in a site lb. THis can be scripted by a configurator when installing OpenAM as


      Now say this is done, and next another OpenAM server 2 is created. So now we have created two server instance and all the sessions are also going to CTS. Let assuming that we run a ssoadm config to setup things too for these instance to be session HA and CTS is fine.

      Before creating a new third server, let create a few authentication access and do some cross-talk. (This is an important ste. We will come back to it but this is like having in real-life some server running for some time)

      Now create a third instance 03, using the same procedure. Now you can try creating sessions and accessing them on other servers.

      The problem is not easily seen as it is masked out by the OpenAM code where when a request for the Sessions (say created on the new instance 03) is accessed on 01, the code will try to do a x-talk. Ideally you will think that it should route to 03 but in reality, the code's will try to use the session's "sid" and the locateCurrentHostServer will not find server 03. So the next available one is 02.

      The issue here's that this is x-talked to 02 instead of 03 (where the session is and where server 03 is just started). Now no-doubt that as a failsafe when it is route to 02 (it is likely that it may eventually do the CTS).

      In the user's case, this issue is seen where the CTS is not operating and so the when the request is routed to this instance.

      In short, it seems when a new instance is created and added, although the Naming service reflected that the new instance is added and ther other knows. The issue is that the old servers for the "ClusterStateService" does not know.

      Investigation Summary
      1. SessionServiceConfig, as the name implies, is only checking changes that happens in global session service. However, when a new server instance is added to an existing site which already have session failover setup, the change comes from platform service rather than session service so session doesn't get stored in CTS.

      2. SessionService doesn't listen to changes on platform service so SessionService.isClusterMonitorValid() method will always return true after it's been initialized once.

      The bottom line suggest that a restart will be require

      *To simplify testing*
      You can probably do
      a) Install 2 openam with HA enabled and site
      b) You can restart them as you like
      c) Force session creation and x-talk to have it initialize the MultiServerClusterMonitor
      d) You can now install the 3 openam.
      e) You can debug the ClusterStateService to notice the state never change
      f) In fact if OPENAM-480 statement of "Adding a server to a site requires restart of OpenAM"
      is true, if you manipulate the sites/servers. you should at least
      see "ClusterStateService" for all the server get updated to reflect the membership.


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