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Get and Set global filterMode using the /realm-config/agents/J2EEAgent endpoint does not work as expected



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 14.1.1, 14.5.1, 6.0.0
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    • Component/s: API descriptor, rest
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      Bug description

      A GET on the /realm-config/agents/J2EEAgent endpoint does not work as expected where when setting the global 'Agent Filter Mode' option to a value other than ALL then the value is not returned by the endpoint.

      Conversely when using PUT on the same endpoint to update this does not allow the setting of a global value other than ALL.

      How to reproduce the issue (GET)

      1). Create a J2EE agent profile

      2). Use the API explorer to send the following request or send manually:

      curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' 'http://openam.example.com:8080/AM6/json/realm-config/agents/J2EEAgent/testj2ee

      3). The response contains:

       "filterMode": {
            "inherited": false,
            "value": {
              "": "ALL"

      4). Using the admin UI adjust the agent profile so that the Agent Filter Mode is set to, for example, global SSO_ONLY by leaving the Map Key empty and setting the Map Value to SSO_ONLY (remove the default ALL entry).

      5). Execute the curl request again and note the results:

       "filterMode": {
            "inherited": false,
            "value": {}
      Expected behaviour
       "filterMode": {
            "inherited": false,
            "value": {
              "": "SSO_ONLY"
      Current behaviour
      "filterMode": {
            "inherited": false,
            "value": {}


      How to reproduce the issue (PUT to update)

      1). Using the admin UI set the global value to SSO_ONLY and then use the API explorer to send the following request or send manually to set it back to global ALL:

      curl -X PUT --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' -d '{ \
         "globalJ2EEAgentConfig": { \
           "filterMode": { \
             "inherited": false, \
             "value": {"": "ALL"} \
           } \
       } \
       }' 'http://openam.example.com:8080/AM6/json/realm-config/agents/J2EEAgent/testj2ee

      This succeeds as expected.

      2). Now try to set this to global SSO_ONLY by sending:

      "filterMode": { \
             "inherited": false, \
             "value": {"": "SSO_ONLY"} \

      This fails with the following response rather than overwriting ALL:

        "code": 400,
        "reason": "Bad Request",
        "message": "Data validation failed for the attribute, com.sun.identity.agents.config.filter.mode"

      3). Verify using the admin UI that the value is still set to ALL

      4). Using the admin UI try to set it to SSO_ONLY and note that this now fails with the following error:

      Plug-in com.sun.identity.idm.plugins.internal.AgentsRepo: Error while setting attributes for agentonly=testj2ee


      Note 6.0 SNAPSHOT version tested was 16 November 2017


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