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Subsequent idpSSOInit calls after the first will fail if custom IDPAdapter forces auth step up


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      AM Sustaining Sprint 50, AM Sustaining Sprint 51
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      Yes and I used the same an in the description


      Bug description

      Calling IDP SSO endpoint more than once to init federation to more than 1 SP causes the IDP SSO calls to fail after the first successful IDP SSO with: Status 400 - Error processing AuthnRequest. IDP Session is NULL.

      How to reproduce the issue

      Details steps outlining how to recreate the issue (remove this text)

      1. Setup 1 IDP and 2 SPs (or 2 Fedlets)
      2. Create a custom IDPAdapter that steps up auth on the 2nd idpSSOInit call
      3. Call IDPSSOInit to SP1 http://host1.example.com/openam/saml2/jsp/idpSSOInit.jsp?spEntityID=SP1&metaAlias=/idp&binding=HTTP-POST
      4. Call IDPSSOInit to SP2 http://host1.example.com/openam/saml2/jsp/idpSSOInit.jsp?spEntityID=SP2&metaAlias=/idp&binding=HTTP-POST

      The first will succeed. The second will fail.

      When reproducing the issue, I did the following:

      1) Installed AM 5.5.x

      2) Created a realm called "SAMLtest"

      3) In realm SAMLtest I:

          3a) Created a hosted IDP named FedletIDP.

          3b) Created 2 Fedlets named host7Fedlet and host8Fedlet

          3c) Created a new Auth Chain called "testChain" that had the LDAP module as required.

          3d) Changed the Auth Level for the LDAP auth module from 0 to 1

          3e) In the FedletIDP advanced tab, set DP Adapter Class: to com.sun.identity.saml2.plugins.StepUpIDPAdapter

      4) Created the Adapter in the OpenAM 5.5.x source at : openam-federation/openam-federation-library/src/main/java/com/sun/identity/saml2/plugins/StepUpIDPAdapter.java

      5) modified the pom file (openam-federation/openam-federation-library/pom.xml) to add the openam-core artifactId by adding:


      in the <dependencies> section.

      6) Compiled and deployed the war file

      7) Test with:





      Expected behaviour
      Both idpSSOInit calls should succeed.
      Current behaviour
      The first idpSSOInit call succeeds, the second fails

      Work around


      Code analysis


      at the end we have:

                  try {
                      //We set the sessionIndex to a dummy value so that IDPSessionListener won't try to clear out the caches
                      //for the still valid sessionIndex.
                      oldSSOToken.setProperty(SAML2Constants.IDP_SESSION_INDEX, "dummy");
                  } catch (SSOException ssoe) {
                      debug.error("Failed to set IDP Session Index for old session", ssoe);

      but token has already been stored in FMSessionNotification, so when the session is deleted, the original sessionIndex (stored in FMSessionNotification) is used and the session is removed from the cache.


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