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New authentication chain does not allow addition of a module



    • 2018.8 "Narwhal" Turing


      Bug description

      In newly created authentication chain, cannot add any authentication modules - no Add Module button.

      How to reproduce the issue

      1. Deployed latest snapshot from master (Latest commit on master c2ff53cb8a5cc497c3d76ba63b7aa23d7e89156c).
      2. Performed initial configuration (embedded config store and user store).
      3. Logged in as amadmin
      4. In top level realm, created a new authentication chain, e.g. testChain.
      5. On page that allows editing the chain, there is no Add Module button.
      6. Edited an existing chain (e.g. ldapChain) and Add Module button is present

      Additional notes:

      In my test setup, I deployed two instances of AM, in preparation for configuring as an IdP and SP.  I created the SAML entities required, then in the SP, created a SAML authentication module.  I then attempted to create a SAML chain and observed this issue.  Was able to reproduce the above in both IdP and SP environment.  I don't believe the SAML entities are relevant to the reproduction steps but have included the information just in case.

      Also noticed that on the authentication chain settings page, it is not possible to add a post authentication class - the text box where this could previously be entered is no longer present.

      Expected behaviour
      For newly created chains, Add Module button should be present to enable addition of modules to the chain.
      Current behaviour
      It is not possible to add authentication modules to newly created chains.

      Work around

      None identified.



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