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AM 6 XUI custom FooterTemplate.html and LoginHeaderTemplate.html not being applied


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      2018.10 "Squid" Turing
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      Bug description

      When implementing an XUI customisation with "XUI/themes/dark/templates/" and adding the  path variable to theme configuration, the FooterTemplate.html and LoginHeaderTemplate.html templates are always picked up the default templates config "XUI/templates/".

      How to reproduce the issue

      1. checked out am-external and the releases/ branch
      2.  copied the templates from src/main/resources/templates to src/main/resources/themes/dark/templates
      3. edited the themes/dark/templates/common/FooterTemplate.html to contain a <hr /> and <h1>test</h1> within the div 
      4. edited the main/js/config/ThemeConfiguration.js so the dark theme has the path variable e.g. path: "dark/" and the fr-dark-theme is mapped to the route realm
      5.  run a mvn clean install on the openam-ui-ria project
      6.  copied the contents of the outputted build folder into my running AM/XUI folder
      7. attempted to access the the mapped realm to the dark theme it fails to loads with the custom line break and heading in the footer

      Expected behaviour

      Expect the custom footer template to load when accessing the realm mapped to that theme
      Current behaviour
      Currently the default templates are always loaded



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