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Create new agent profile page for Agent 5



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      Customer upgrade's from AM/Agent Versions has shown the agent profile page to sometimes be a point of failure for some customers, and in many cases it simply confuses them, thus causes errors when migrating the agent over and getting it running.

      Understandably, this is a nice case of "read the documentation" but it should also be the case of usability, not reading the docs to more or less understand there is lack of coherence.

      Points being:

      • Nobody wants to set custom properties out of the box just for the default configuration to work. This is more apparent surrounding default properties that need to be set that are not in the UI by default (i.e custom/conditional login) and other Agent 4 parameters that are not in use (that can make logs a bit noisy sometimes i.e old notifications).
      • If AM6.5 only officially supports Agents 5, why should we give them an Agent4 profile page?

      We should implement an option to create either a Legacy Agent4 Profile or Agent 5 option on creating an agent profile, or we simply bin off the Agent 4 profile page given 6.5's supported agent versions (above).


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