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Documentation changes to help avoid additional tickets relating to AM boot.json usage and updates


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    • Affects Version/s: 5.5.1, 6.0.0,,,,,, 6.5.0,,,, 6.5.1,, 6.5.2,,,, 7.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: 7.0.0, 6.5.3
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      Please can additional documentation be provided (and/or existing revised) for AM's boot.json creation and update behaviour.  This follows from a number of Jiras that have been created, including OPENAM-15937, OPENAM-15126 and OPENAM-14991.  After investigation these have been closed as won't fix.

      To help avoid future tickets and bugs raised relating to the behaviour, please can the following be documented:

      1. How boot.json is created:
        • boot.json is created at the end of the configuration of a new AM instance.  It will only be sucessfully created if it is able to reference the default keystore, for which the location is by default within the AM config folder (<am config folder>/<am server uri context> for 6.5.x and earlier versions and <am config folder>/security/keystores) for 7.0.
        • Note that (as per OPENAM-15126), if the keystore, .storepass and/or .keypass file locations for the Server Defaults, Security, Keystore settings are modified and subsequent servers are then added to the site, the default keystore, .storepass and .keypass must be available on that server at the configured locations, otherwise the boot.json file will fail to be created.  One of the available workaround detailed for OPENAM-15126 can be used to prevent this issue occurring.
        • If upgrading from 13.5.x or earlier then the code will create a boot.json to migrate from a bootstrap properties file.  Please see comment below also for further details.
      2. How boot.json is updated:
        • The boot.json file is updated on each AM server startup, and the values of the Server defaults, Security, Keystores or Specific server's Security - keystores settings are written to the default keystore section of the boot.json file.  This means that if the above settings are changed, they will be reflected in the boot.json file after the next AM instance start.

      The above relates to behaviour observed during investigation of the above Jiras.


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