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Documentation of Social Auth OpenID login module timeout setting



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      Using the social auth openID login module, a customer has spent a long time trying to troubleshoot a problem that was related to a default timeout setting that was not documented other than in a KB. 

      If there had been a mention of the timeout in the documentation the instead of being in a KB due diligence would have applied and the timeout would have been checked and noted.

      Therefore in this case documenting the feature would have made the deployment better prepared.

      The ask is to mention this timeout feature and how to configure it in the documentation, or to have a link from the documentation to the KB.

      The social auth OpenID login module has a configuration file: SocialAuthOpenID.xml which configures by default the RedirectCallback timeout (negotiation of the authorization code) to 60 sec.

      Quoting the ticket response:

      The file specified holds the configuration for that module, and information for custom modules can be found here: AM 6.5 › Authentication and Single Sign-On Guide: Sample Auth Callbacks.
      More information regarding the module itself can be found here: Amster 6.5.3 - Entity Reference: SocialAuthOpenIDModule

      Configuration of login page session timeouts is detailed in the following documentation: How do I configure login page session timeouts in AM/OpenAM (All versions) when using authentication modules?




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