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Can't go back to login page after invoking Social Authentication Nodes



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      Bug description

      Can't go back to the AM login page once Social Authentication Node has been invoked.

      How to reproduce the issue

      1. Setup Google or Facebook OAuth2 client
      2. Create Authentication Tree using the Google or Facebook Social Node
      3. Go to AM login page (http://am.example.com:8080/openam)
      4. Click Google or Facebook Icon
      5. User decides they don't want to use Google or Facebook so tries to either click back or enters AM login page manually
      6. AM sends user back to Google or Facebook login page
      Expected behaviour
      When user tries to go back to AM login page, AM should not redirect to Google or Facebook.
      Current behaviour
      User is redirected back to Google or Facebook.

      Work around

      Open a new browser window or tab to go to AM login page. If you wait a while before accessing the AM login page again in the same window/tab it lets you do this (once the authId expires). You could lower the Max Duration in Authentication > Settings > Trees to 1 minute but that's still quite a while to wait and if there are some Trees which potentially take a while to complete, 1 minute isn't very long.




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