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OAuth2 Client import endpoint does not honor Group inheritance



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      Bug description

      After enabling an OAuth2 client as part of an existing OAuth2 Group, and inheriting the group's values where applicable, exporting and importing the client via the /json/realm-config/agents/OAuth2Client endpoint reverts the inherited values. 

      How to reproduce the issue

      1. Create an OAuth 2.0 Group
      2. Create test scopes for the group
      3. Create an OAuth 2.0 Client
      4. Add the client to the OAuth 2.0 Group
      5. Enable Scopes inheritance in the client by toggling the lock icon. You should now see the group's scopes reflected in the client configuration page
      6. Retrieve the client's configuration using the REST API and direct its output to a JSON file (see commands below)
      7. Delete the OAuth 2.0 Client from the console
      8. Import the client via the same API using the same output file you retrieved before. The inherited values are gone and need to be toggled again individually
      Exporting client details to testClient.json

      curl -k -X GET "https://test.forgerock.com:8443/openam/json/realms/root/realms/customers/realm-config/agents/OAuth2Client/testClient" --header 'iplanetDirectoryPro: ...' -o testClient.json

      Creating a client using testClient.json

      curl -k -X GET "https://test.forgerock.com:8443/openam/json/realms/root/realms/customers/realm-config/agents/OAuth2Client/testClient" --header 'iplanetDirectoryPro: ...' -o testClient.json

      Expected behaviour
      The import honors the inherited values
      Current behaviour
      Inherited boxes need to be manually toggled again, even though the export details have those field's inheritance value set to true




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