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inheritance does not work with ssoadm update-agent-grp --set



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Expired
    • Affects Version/s: Agents-3.3.0, 11.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: CLI, j2ee agents, web agents
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    • Environment:
       OpenAM 11, J2EE agents 3.3, Apache 2.2 Web agents 3.3, Tomcat 7.0.52, Apache 2.2, Oracle JDK 7.0.51., CentOS 6.5 64 bits boxes
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      The problem described below is very similar to this ticket:

      But the ticket above suggests the problem is fixed, which is not the case in my setup:

      I've a couple of agents sharing the same configuration thanks to an agent
      Moreover, I want some specific properties on a per agent basis.
      I use OpenAM 11, J2EE agents 3.3, Apache 2.2 Web agents 3.3, Tomcat 7.0.52, Apache 2.2, Oracle JDK 7.0.51.

      I use the following procedure:

      create-agent-grp --realm / --agentgroupname grp-p-ssorp --agenttype
      J2EEAgent ...
      create-agent --realm / --agentname agt-p-ssorp01 --agenttype J2EEAgent ...
      create-agent --realm / --agentname agt-p-ssorp02 --agenttype J2EEAgent ...
      add-agent-to-grp --realm / --agentgroupname grp-p-ssorp --agentnames
      agt-p-ssorp01 agt-p-ssorp02
      update-agent --realm / --agentname agt-p-ssorp01 --datafile ...
      update-agent-grp --realm / --agentgroupname grp-p-ssorp --set --datafile ...

      (I've the corresponding procedure for Web agents).

      Then, when I check for example the 1st agent properties with the "--inherit
      I don't see the properties that should be inherited from the group, I only
      see the agent specific properties:

      ssoadm show-agent --realm / --agentname agt-p-ssorp01 --inherit|grep
      group_property returns nothing.

      Now, if I go to the OpenAM 11 GUI, and check one property in one of the
      agent profile inheritance settings page,
      the ssoadm show-agent command works as expected. Is it a known bug with
      ssoadm ?

      Restarting OpenAM should be enough, according to OpenAM-2400, but it doesn't work for me neither.
      Also, I did not notice any specific error message in the OpenAM (IdRepo,
      Core or Configuration) or ssoadm debug logs, excepted this one in the ssoadm IdRepo log:

      ERROR: JCEEncryption:: Unsupported version: 61
      amSDK:04/14/2014 07:21:11:427 PM CEST: Thread[main,5,main]
      ERROR: JCEEncryption:: Unsupported version: -98

      All other ssoadm commands work fine.




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