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Can't use Common Tasks wizards when logged in as a delegated administrator



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      I'm attempting to log in as a delegated admin (with all privileges) and use the wizards on the Common Tasks tab.

      I can't access any of the functionality from this tab. I see three types of errors:

      1. For the provider creation tasks, the circle of trust field prefills incorrectly, and there is no way to enter a CoT manually. (Already logged as OPENAM-1636).

      2. For Configure Google Apps and Salesforce CRM, the wizard lets me enter data into the fields and it appears to succeed, but when I log in as amadmin and go to the Federation tab, no entities appear to have been created. (Entities are created when I use the wizard when logged in as amadmin.)

      3. For the other operations, I get an ugly-looking servlet exception at the end of execution, and the thing I was attempting to configure is not configured. (For example, no auth configuration when I attempt to configure social authentication.) See the attached screen shots for the error screen.

      I realize some of the information in this jira is duplicated from other issues - I wanted to submit something that documents the state of things in this tab page from the delegated administrator's point of view.


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