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Publish API descriptors for Rest2ldap endpoints



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    • 3.5.0, 4.0.0
    • 4.0.0
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      With the API descriptor framework 1.0.0 now available in forgerock-commons, it should now be possible to publish API descriptors for Rest2ldap endpoints.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • (Must have) For Rest2ldap endpoints configured at runtime, it's possible to get the CREST and OpenAPI (fka Swagger) descriptors over REST.
        • CREST api can be requested using the _crestApi query parameter on any endpoint (specification).
        • OpenAPI (fka Swagger) can be requested using the _api query parameter on any endpoint (specification).
      • (Must have?) For the default Rest2ldap endpoint configuration, it's possible to get the descriptor into a Maven artifact that can be processed into reference documentation.
      • (Nice to have) Swagger UI endpoint for playing with APIs while designing a Rest2ldap API during development.

      Implementation details

      API is accessible for the default DJ endpoints:

      • /api (configurable by user)
        • both embedded HTTP connection handler and Rest2LDAP gateway
      • /admin/config (not configurable)
        • embedded HTTP connection handler only
      • /admin/monitor (not configurable, pending OPENDJ-81)
        • embedded HTTP connection handler only

      Handling API is always enabled. No config exists to turn it off.
      Security settings for the REST endpoints equally apply when requesting the API descriptions. No more, no less.
      There is no global endpoint where all APIs are described.

      Resources for JSON schema


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