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The proxy should support end-to-end back-pressure


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    • Affects Version/s: 4.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: 5.5.0
    • Component/s: core apis, proxy
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      It would be really nice if our client APIs could be reactive. Unfortunately, RxJava's Flowable is intended for homogeneous streams of objects which doesn't match very well to LDAP's stateful heterogeneous response streams. In particular, we want a Flowable whose completion notification includes the final LDAP Result, instead of the Result being included in the stream itself.

      The goal of this issue is investigate whether we can implement our own reactive response streams in the style of Rx's Flowable without having to recreate the wheel. Clearly we don't want to duplicate all the functionality provided by Flowable as there's a lot of it - in effect we would be adding at least one addition type + related types to the existing Flowable, Maybe, Single, and Completable types. Can we provided a simple wrapper around Flowable that is sufficient for our needs? For example, here's two possible use cases:

      Connection connection = ...;
                .subscribe(new SearchSubscriber() {
                    public void onSubscribe(final Subscription s) {
                    public void onSearchResultEntry(final SearchResultEntry entry) {
                    public void onSearchResultReference(final SearchResultReference reference) {
                    public void onIntermediateResponse(final IntermediateResponse im) {
                    public void onError(final Throwable t) {
                    public void onResult(Result result) {
      // Example of blocking usage:
      List<SearchResultEntry> entries = connection.search(searchRequest)


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