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Creation of Proxy Replication Service Discovery is confusing and incomplete.


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 4.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: 4.0.0
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      When installing a Proxy Server or when using dsconfig to set a Proxy Backend, using the Replication the description of the Replication Server Host : Port is confusing...

      During installation:
      CLI argument :

      --replicationServer {host:port}
          Replication server to contact periodically in order to discover backend
          servers. Multiple replication servers may be provided by using this option
          multiple times


      Replication server hostname: [summit.example.com]:
      Replication server port: [8989]: 4444


      Property: replication-server
          Specifies the list of replication servers to contact periodically when
          discovering server replicas.
      Syntax           : HOST:PORT
                         A host name followed by a ":" and a port number.
      Default behavior : undefined
      Advanced         : no
      Multi-valued     : yes
      Mandatory        : yes
      Read-only        : no

      Nowhere it is really specified about which port (and what protocol is used to access the port).
      One would think that Replication Port 8989 is the proper one.
      Then thinking about it, the point is about reading Configuration of the Replication Topology, which means LDAP... So 4444 would be the proper port to securely and surely access the config (and cn=admin data).
      However, the only value that works is actually the plain LDAP port.

      When the Replication Server is a standalone RS, there is a possibility that that port is not working.
      Also, in a secure mode, Directory Manager cannot authenticate on a clear text connection. So unless StartTLS is used, this will not work either.
      I think the proper way to establish the connection to the Replication Server is through the Admin Port (4444) which is secured but will require a Trust Manager.
      We should also make sure that we are explicit in all messages and documentation of which Port we are talking about.




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