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Proxy: using setup proxy-server with baseDn does not forward requests


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Done
    • Priority: Blocker
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 4.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: 4.0.0
    • Component/s: core server
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      Found with OpenDJ 4.0.0 rev d39f65ee5dfe8fcdf1faab98bf6fce2c1616a247


      1) we install a DJ server with some generated entries using the following command:

      /tmp/DJTEST/opendj/setup directory-server -h localhost -p 1393 -D "cn=myself" -w password --adminConnectorPort 4448 -Z 1640 -t je -b dc=com -d 100

      2) we add the proxied-auth privilege:
      /tmp/DJTEST/opendj/bin/dsconfig -h localhost -p 4448 -D "cn=myself" -w password -X set-root-dn-prop --add default-root-privilege-name:proxied-auth -n

      3) we setup a proxy server with the following command:

      /tmp/PROXYTEST/opendj/setup proxy-server --proxyUserBindDn cn=myself --proxyUserBindPassword password --StaticPrimaryServer  localhost:1393 --loadBalancingAlgorithm least-requests -h localhost -p 1394 -D "cn=myself" -w password --adminConnectorPort 4449 --baseDn dc=com

      4) we check the configuration of the backend using dsconfig, it looks just fine:

             Property                                  Value(s)
          1)   backend-id                                proxyRoot
          2)   base-dn                                   dc=com
          3)   connection-pool-idle-timeout              10 s
          4)   connection-pool-max-size                  32
          5)   connection-pool-min-size                  4
          6)   connection-timeout                        3 s
          7)   discovery-interval                        1 m
          8)   enabled                                   true
          9)   heartbeat-interval                        10 s
          10)  load-balancing-algorithm                  least-requests
          11)  partition-base-dn                         No consistency for
                                                         add/delete operations.
          12)  proxy-user-dn                             cn=myself
          13)  proxy-user-password                       -
          14)  proxy-user-password-environment-variable  -
          15)  proxy-user-password-file                  config/proxy_password
          16)  proxy-user-password-property              -
          17)  route-all                                 false
          18)  service-discovery-mechanism               Static Servers Service
                                                         Discovery Mechanism
          ?)   help
          f)   finish - apply any changes to the proxyRoot
          q)   quit

      5) we try ldapsearch on dc=com through the proxy:

      /tmp/PROXYTEST$ ./opendj/bin/ldapsearch -h openam.example.com -p 1394 -D "cn=myself" -w password -b dc=com "(objectclass=*)"
      # The LDAP search request failed: 32 (No Such Entry)
      # Additional Information:  The entry dc=com specified as the search base does not exist in the Directory Server

      6) We switch route-all from false to true and then back to false, the query now succeeds:

      ./opendj/bin/ldapsearch -h openam.example.com -p 1394 -D "cn=myself" -w password -b dc=com "(objectclass=*)"
      dn: dc=com
      objectClass: top
      objectClass: domain
      dc: com
      dn: ou=People,dc=com
      objectClass: top
      objectClass: organizationalUnit
      ou: People
      dn: uid=user.0,ou=People,dc=com
      objectClass: top
      objectClass: inetOrgPerson
      objectClass: organizationalPerson
      objectClass: person
      mail: user.0@example.com
      initials: ASA

      Actually, it looks like whenever you set base-dn in the proxy configuration, if you do not change the route-all parameter, the base-dn one is not taken into account.




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