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Setup requires TLS to be enabled when using --productionMode


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      Running setup with --productionMode without --enableStartTls flags fails:

      ./setup directory-server \
                --instancePath /Users/julie.evans/DJ/opendj \
                --rootUserDn cn=Directory\ Manager \
                --rootUserPassword ****** \
                --productionMode \
                --hostname frmbp \
                --adminConnectorPort 4444 \
                --doNotStart \
                --ldapPort 389 \
                --ldapsPort 636 \
                --addBaseEntry \
                --baseDn dc=example,dc=com \
                --backendType je-backend
      What would you like to do?
          1)  Set up the server with the specified settings
          2)  Start over
          3)  Quit
      Enter choice [1]: 1
      Validating parameters..... Done
      Configuring certificates..... Done
      Configuring server.....Error......
      An error occurred while attempting to update the port on which to listen for
      LDAP communication:  The operation was rejected for the following reason: A
      Key Manager Provider must be specified when this LDAP Connection Handler is
      enabled and it is configured to use SSL or StartTLS.
      for a detailed log of the failed operation.
      Please report this error and provide the log file mentioned above.

      Nothing is reported in the log file. The server does get installed:

      $ bin/start-ds 
      {{[28/Apr/2017:10:15:52 +0100] category=com.forgerock.opendj.ldap.config.config severity=NOTICE msgID=571 msg=Loaded extension from file '/Users/julie.evans/DJ/opendj/lib/extensions/snmp-mib2605.jar' (build 4.0.0, revision 0b7da454b79944f54e66daf3f591cefb5d77165b)
      [28/Apr/2017:10:15:53 +0100] category=CORE severity=NOTICE msgID=134 msg=OpenDJ Server 4.0.0 (build 20170327164811, revision number 0b7da454b79944f54e66daf3f591cefb5d77165b) starting up
      [28/Apr/2017:10:15:53 +0100] category=JVM severity=NOTICE msgID=21 msg=Installation Directory:  /Users/julie.evans/DJ/opendj
      [28/Apr/2017:10:15:53 +0100] category=JVM severity=NOTICE msgID=23 msg=Instance Directory:      /Users/julie.evans/DJ/opendj
      [28/Apr/2017:10:15:53 +0100] category=JVM severity=NOTICE msgID=17 msg=JVM Information: 1.8.0_121-b13 by Oracle Corporation, 64-bit architecture, 3817865216 bytes heap size
      [28/Apr/2017:10:15:53 +0100] category=JVM severity=NOTICE msgID=18 msg=JVM Host: frmbp.example.com.home, running Mac OS X 10.12.4 x86_64, 17179869184 bytes physical memory size, number of processors available 8
      [28/Apr/2017:10:15:53 +0100] category=JVM severity=NOTICE msgID=19 msg=JVM Arguments: "-Dorg.opends.server.scriptName=start-ds"
      [28/Apr/2017:10:15:55 +0100] category=PROTOCOL severity=NOTICE msgID=276 msg=Started listening for new connections on Administration Connector port 4444
      [28/Apr/2017:10:15:55 +0100] category=CORE severity=NOTICE msgID=135 msg=The Directory Server has started successfully
      [28/Apr/2017:10:15:55 +0100] category=CORE severity=NOTICE msgID=139 msg=The Directory Server has sent an alert notification generated by class org.opends.server.core.DirectoryServer (alert type org.opends.server.DirectoryServerStarted, alert ID org.opends.messages.core-135): The Directory Server has started successfully}}

      Status output:

                --- Server Status ---
      Server Run Status:        Started
      Open Connections:         1
                --- Server Details ---
      Host Name:                frmbp
      Administrative Users:     cn=Directory Manager
      Installation Path:        /Users/julie.evans/DJ/opendj
      Version:                  OpenDJ Server 4.0.0
      Java Version:             1.8.0_121
      Administration Connector: Port 4444 (LDAPS)
                --- Connection Handlers ---
      Address:Port : Protocol : State
      --           : LDIF     : Disabled  : SNMP     : Disabled
                --- Data Sources ---
      -No LDAP Databases Found-

      I have attached the config.ldif file.


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