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Rebuild-index only tasks should not take backend offline for attribute index rebuilds


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      Online index rebuild
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      As a user I would like to be able to rebuild indexes (new or existing) with zero down time. From a devops point of view configuration is immutable, but DB data is persistent across restarts, so any indexing changes need to be taken into account when the server starts up.

      Acceptance criteria:

      1. administrator can rebuild an index without preventing read/write access to the rest of the backend, and without deactivating/disabling this backend (for non system indexes)
      2. there is no expectation that indexes being rebuilt will be usable while they are being rebuilt
      3. the concurrent rebuild should be as fast as possible but is expected to be slower than an offline on disk merge based rebuild
      4. server failure during the rebuild process should not leave the backend in an invalid state, with the exception of the partially built index(s) which are expected to remain in a degraded state. An administrator should be able to restart the rebuild process.
      5. it should be possible to monitor the progress of this task in cn=tasks. The count of entries left and done is made available through the ds-task-unprocessed-entry-count and ds-task-processed-entry-count attributes on the rebuild-index task entries.

      processsed and unprocessed

      Comments from the initial issue:

      IIRC the JE backend supports online rebuilds without the need for taking the backend offline as long as no system indexes are being rebuilt (e.g. dn2id).


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