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Upgrade: Fail to upgrade a 6.0.0 replication topology


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Done
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 7.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: 7.0.0
    • Component/s: regression, upgrade
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      Found with 7.0.0 rev (6f3fe200a94)

      In our upgrade tests, we set up a 6.0.0 server and set a global server id using the following command:

      ./UpgradeTasks/DJ_TASKS3/opendj/setup directory-server -h localhost -p 1392 -D "cn=myself" -w password --adminConnectorPort 4447 -Z 1639 -b dc=com -l /local/GIT/pyforge/PyBot/OpenDJ/testcases/data/upgrade_startup.ldif  --acceptLicense --monitorUserDn uid=Monitor --monitorUserPassword password
      ./upgrade_group/UpgradeTasks/DJ_TASKS3/opendj/bin/dsconfig -h localhost -p 4447 -D "cn=myself" -w password -X set-global-configuration-prop --set server-id:4 -n

      We set up another server without specifying a server id:

      ./UpgradeTasks/DJ_TASKS2/opendj/setup directory-server -h localhost -p 1391 -D "cn=myself" -w password --adminConnectorPort 4446 -Z 1638 -b dc=com -l /local/GIT/pyforge/PyBot/OpenDJ/testcases/data/upgrade_startup.ldif -O --acceptLicense --monitorUserDn uid=Monitor --monitorUserPassword password

      and we configure replication between these servers:

      ./UpgradeTasks/DJ_TASKS2/opendj/bin/dsreplication configure --host1 localhost --port1 4446 --bindDN1 "cn=myself" --bindPassword1 "password" --replicationPort1 8991 --host2 localhost --port2 4447 --bindDN2 "cn=myself" --bindPassword2 "password" --replicationPort2 8992 -b dc=com -I admin -w password -X -n
      ./UpgradeTasks/DJ_TASKS2/opendj/bin/dsreplication initialize-all -h localhost -p 4446 -b dc=com -I admin -w password -X -n

      We add some entries to fill the changelog and we perform some checks then we stop and upgrade one server:

      cp -R 7.0.0/opendj UpgradeTasks/DJ_TASKS2/
      UpgradeTasks/DJ_TASKS2/opendj/upgrade -n --acceptLicense --force

      When trying to upgrade the second server, it fails:

      /upgrade_group/UpgradeTasks/DJ_TASKS3/opendj/upgrade -n --acceptLicense --force 	
      11:20:37.743 	WARN 	ERROR:
      -- rc --
      returned 10, expected to be in [0]
      -- stdout --
      >>>> OpenDJ Upgrade Utility
       * OpenDJ configuration will be upgraded from version
       6.0.0.cf670d07003a6410cf757ab079d233692b74936e to
       * OpenDJ data will be upgraded from version 6.0.0 to
       * See
       for a detailed log of this operation
      >>>> Preparing to upgrade
       ** Could not find a server ID to set for the server. Verify the configuration
       references a valid server ID for domain cn=admin data
       * See
       for a detailed log of this operation

      To reproduce:

      in config.cfg:
      global_server_id = True
      previous_version = 6.0.0
      ./run-pybot.py -s upgrade_group.UpgradeTasks -t upgrade_tasks dj





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