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Should not be allowed to configure global server-id outside of allowed values range


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    • Affects Version/s: 6.5.1
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      Per the documentation,


      the range of allowed values for server-id is "a number between 1 and 65535".

      Via dsconfig, one can specify a value outside of this permitted range of values. This ultimately leads to an error when executing the 'dsreplication configure' command due to the invalid server-id values. For example, one can set server-id values outside of the allowed range like so...


      ./dsconfig set-global-configuration-prop \
      --hostname Vincents-MacBook-Pro.local \
      --port 5444 \
      --bindDN "cn=Directory Manager" \
      --bindPassword welcome1 \
      --set server-id:555555 \
      --trustAll \
      ./dsconfig set-global-configuration-prop \
      --hostname Vincents-MacBook-Pro.local \
      --port 6444 \
      --bindDN "cn=Directory Manager" \
      --bindPassword welcome1 \
      --set server-id:666666 \
      --trustAll \


      A subsequent attempt to run 'dsreplication configure' will error out.


      Vincents-MacBook-Pro:bin vincent.tran$ ./dsreplication \
      > configure \
      > --adminUID admin \
      > --adminPassword welcome1 \
      > --baseDN dc=example,dc=com \
      > --host1 Vincents-MacBook-Pro.local \
      > --port1 5444 \
      > --bindDN1 "cn=directory manager" \
      > --bindPassword1 welcome1 \
      > --replicationPort1 5989 \
      > --host2 Vincents-MacBook-Pro.local \
      > --port2 6444 \
      > --bindDN2 "cn=directory manager" \
      > --bindPassword2 welcome1 \
      > --replicationPort2 6989 \
      > --trustAll \
      > --no-prompt
      Establishing connections ..... Done
      Checking registration information ..... Done
      Configuring Replication port on server Vincents-MacBook-Pro.local:5444 ..... Done
      Configuring Replication port on server Vincents-MacBook-Pro.local:6444 ..... Done
      Updating replication configuration for baseDN dc=example,dc=com on server
      Vincents-MacBook-Pro.local:5444 .....
      Error updating replication configuration on base DN dc=example,dc=com of
      server Vincents-MacBook-Pro.local:5444.
      for a detailed log of this operation.
      Details: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Expected condition was false,
      found true
      Vincents-MacBook-Pro:bin vincent.tran$


      The log file /var/folders/h5/06c0tvjd6832p2pwmgt871_c0000gn/T/opendj-replication-5239842380894476250.log doesn't exist, so i'm unable to share any of its content here. However, this issue is easy enough to quickly reproduce.

      If i'm not mistaken, i've heard that DS 7.0 will allow the server-id to be set to any DirectoryString value. If this is indeed the case, then i'm not sure if this RFE makes much sense for 7.0 and beyond. However, if there is a 6.5.2 release being planned, then perhaps this RFE should be considered for such a release. At any rate, this RFE has been submitted on behalf of ETRADE Financial Corporation (who originally reported this issue) so that product management/engineering can evaluate and consider.




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