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Update documentation to clarify access in evaluation profile vs. production



      When removing production mode for OPENDJ-5982 we left DS evaluation more lenient/permissive than the other setup profiles. DS evaluation is the basic profile used in the docs.

      The primary difference with the evaluation profile is that it includes a bunch of ACIs that make it easier to try features. (The evaluation profile also allows anonymous access for more than discovery.) Unfortunately, this means that users get hit with the need to learn ACIs as soon as they want to move beyond evaluation mode, and the docs won't show many ACIs because they're built into the evaluation profile. ACIs are notoriously difficult.

      The evaluation mode is still helpful for getting started and demos. But the body of the documentation should not count on the ACIs in evaluation mode:

      • Update Getting Started to demonstrate how to read and write ACIs.
      • Clarify in the docs how the ACIs in the evaluation profile affect the server behavior.

      (I've updated the second point, since I think it's possible to continue using the evaluation profile as long as it is not hard to discover why some examples, especially with anonymous searches, will look so easy in the docs and then fail when you try to copy/paste them to production environments. The information won't be fully repeated for every example, and so people will miss it. But perhaps it will help those who are really trying to understand.)


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