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Server information in cn=topology,cn=monitor in mixed or upgraded topology may be outdated


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    • Affects Version/s: 7.0.0
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      As noted in a related issue,

      Already discussed, but I think we have a liveness problem on data in cn=topology,cn=monitor.
      Remember Nicolas saw stale information when upgrading a whole topology with retired server ids still appearing.

      On a pure 7.0 topology I did not observe such a problem, servers were disappearing a reappearing whenever they were stopped or restarted.
      On a topology with three 6.5 combined DS/RS servers of which one was upgraded, the server seemed to be there, but 6.5 servers showed very few data:

      dn: ds-mon-server-id=9610,cn=servers,cn=topology,cn=monitor
      objectClass: top
      objectClass: ds-monitor
      objectClass: ds-monitor-topology-server
      ds-mon-group-id: default
      ds-mon-last-seen: 20200724145919.573Z
      ds-mon-process-id: unknown
      ds-mon-replication-domain: cn=admin data
      ds-mon-replication-protocol-version: -1
      ds-mon-server-id: 9610
      ds-mon-server-is-local: false

      that is, no admin port, no process id and protocol version -1, while the 7.0 server looked fine:

      dn: ds-mon-server-id=15892,cn=servers,cn=topology,cn=monitor
      objectClass: top
      objectClass: ds-monitor
      objectClass: ds-monitor-topology-server
      ds-mon-admin-hostport: localhost:4444
      ds-mon-changelog-hostport: localhost:8989
      ds-mon-changelog-purge-delay: 259200000
      ds-mon-group-id: default
      ds-mon-last-seen: 20200724150143.297Z
      ds-mon-ldap-hostport: localhost:1389
      ds-mon-process-id: 0b87c847-7a37-4bbf-b5d0-918da390d600
      ds-mon-replication-domain: dc=example,dc=com
      ds-mon-replication-domain: cn=admin data
      ds-mon-replication-domain: cn=schema
      ds-mon-replication-protocol-version: 11
      ds-mon-server-id: 15892
      ds-mon-server-is-local: true

      Further investigation is needed to understand whether we're getting all we can and what kind of data is really available.


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