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LoadBalancer retries to connect to unavailable servers every second



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    • 6.5.1, 7.1.0
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      When using the following code, if the DJ is unavailable, the LoadBalancer will attempt to reconnect to the unavailable server every second.

      // This is from AM's DJLDAPv3Repo.createConnectionFactory function
      return LdapConnectionFactoryProvider.wrapExistingConnectionFactory(
       LDAPUtils.getLdapUrls(ldapServers, isSecure), username, password, maxPoolSize,
       heartBeatInterval, heartBeatTimeUnit, useStartTLS, false, ldapOptions));

      Reproduction steps:

      (As per OPENAM-17556)

      1. Configure an AM server, embedded config and user store.
      2. Setup a separate DJ server to act as a user store (I used 6.0.0). I then used the steps in https://backstage.forgerock.com/docs/ds/6/security-guide/#admin-accounts to configure an alternate admin user account (but this is optional - using cn=Directory Manager would also work).
      3. In AM, create a sub-realm, remove the embedded user store and added a new one, pointing to the above directory.
      4. Import the user schema required by AM for the user store (I can provide the details of commands performed for these if needed) and then check that a test user can be created via the AM admin console.
      5. Then change the connection details for the identity store to have an incorrect bind password, and navigate back to the identities page in the AM admin console.

      Expected behaviour

      A limited number of retries are attempted, perhaps at increasing intervals, or a low number of retries are attempted before pausing and then retrying after a longer period of time.

      Current behaviour

      A retry to connect to the user store is attempted every second


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