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Decouple the native type naming from a specific language, or use a more high level naming scheme



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      Recently when working on OPENIDM-2460 regarding the JAVA_TYPE_DATE it was brought up that maybe the naming scheme used in the connector framework for native types could be improved upon.

      There was a discussion from Andi with regards to possibly changing the naming scheme for native types. Please see http://sources.forgerock.org/cru/CR-5665#c55030

      To quote andi

      I do not have an issue with a contract of passing dates as ISO 8601 Strings. However, the naming of this (and potentially more?) native type setting is confusing. The "Java" part of a native type clearly implies that it's a Java Date type. Hacking it so that it points to a String instead would likely add to the confusion.
      Now if instead we mark these as String, that seems more accurate from a underlying java types perspective, but it might not be enough of what we want to express as what that type should be. E.g. the connector might want to say this is a field that expects an (ISO 8601) date, and possibly validate it. Maybe the types should not be named after java types, but a higher level type? E.g. an ISO8601_DATE_STRING?

      I thought this idea could use with some discussion on whether or not this is a good idea. It seems since our connectors work with multiple languages decoupling native type naming from a specific language would be a good idea. I would be interested in hearing others ideas on why this is a good/bad idea and if there has been any discussion on this in the past.

      I created a jira to discuss this to document it for the future instead of the thought getting lost in chat history.




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