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Various Admin UI errors when accessing mappings or data tab using Salesforce sample



      Steps to reproduce:

      • Set up a salesforce connector following the sync-with-salesforce sample on 5.5
      • Try adding a new Salesforce Type 'Contact' to the ObjectTypes for the connector
        • Not possible to do this through the UI as the object type dropdown is not extensible
        • Add the Contact type directly to the provisioner
      • Create a mapping using the new object type
        • Not able to create a mapping using the object type because the object type dropdown does not contain the new object type
        • Add the mapping for salesforce/Contact directly to the sync.json file
      • Go to Connectors > Salesforce > Data tab and select Contact:
        • Get this error in UI and console network tab shows: {"code":500,"reason":"Internal Server Error","message":"[\{\"message\":\"\\nSELECT  FROM Contact WHERE ((Id = '0031a000003wMBEAA2')\\n       ^\\nERROR at Row:1:Column:8\\nunexpected token: 'FROM'\",\"errorCode\":\"MALFORMED_QUERY\"}]","detail":{}}
      • Go to Mappings > Salesforce to IDM mapping > Association tab
        • Get same error as above
      • Execute a REST GET query-all-ids on system/salesforce/Contacts
        • works as expected
      • Execute a REST GET queryFilter=true on system/salesforce/Contacts
        • Get same error as above


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