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Full Stack Cannot Auto Login When Registering Using Social Providers



      When following the docs for setting up the full stack with social providers, when attempting to register with a social provider using https//openidm.example.com:8080/#register/, you are not auto logged in. However, when registering with a regular use you are auto logged in as expected.

      Current results:
      Registering with social provider occurs successfully but after logging in with your social account you are taken to a page that says "Thank you for registering".

      Expected Results:
      Registering with social provider should still occur successfully but after logging in with your social account you should be auto logged in similar to a regular user.

      Note: You are auto logged in when starting from the OpenAM login page and registering through the social provider button on the page.

      After debugging the FRDP instance, it is believed that the way to solve this is to have the IDM register page duplicate the functionality that the OpenAm page does when clicking on the social provider button. This will result in an AM token being provided and allowing for an auto login to occur to AM.




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