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UI does not correctly display validation for Password History



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      Issue: Continually get HTTP 500 error messages when creating users and re-setting password.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Follow steps in the guide to setup password history: https://backstage.forgerock.com/docs/idm/6.5/integrators-guide/#password-history;
      2. Via Admin UI, Enable User Registration for managed/user; use all defaults;
      3. Via Admin UI, Enable Password Reset; use all defaults;
      4. Log out of Admin UI;
      5. Navigate to Self-service UI --> click create a new account;
      6. First error message appears: "Unable to reset your password" due to 500 error on validateObject (see attached HAR);
      7. Enter new user fields..;
      8. As you enter new password, Welcome1, error message appears for each typed character (due to 500 errors);
      9. Click "Sign Up"; user is successfully created;
      10. Sign out;
      11. Navigate to self-service UI;
      12. click on forgot password link;
      13. enter email to retrieve account and answer security questions;
      14. Reset password view appears (with same error message);
      15. Enter new password, Welcome2, same error messages for every typed character.
      16. Green box indicates "Password is secure";
      17. Click on Change Password --> password a saved;
      18. Go back to reset password;
      19. Enter in email and security questions;
      20. Enter password, Welcome1;
      21. Click on Change Password;

      Expectation: That clicking on Change Password would result in an error message indicating that password entered is "not new".

      Actual: Password is not successfully changed but there are no error message or any indication why the change password is not completed. Network traffic indicates that the password correctly failed but the UI presents no feedback to the user.


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