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PERF improvement when creating user on userstore


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      Following investigation performed in gke cluster, deploying idm and userstore.

      It seems that idm run several ldap operations when adding user entry in userstore which may not be needed (on ldap side point of view). This generates traffic and reduce performance.  

      Only ADD response code is needed to check if the user is correctly created.

      May someone double check if these ldap search operations are really required ?

      if not, maybe remove them ?

      See PERF-1209 for more details


      • using forgeops smoke deployment (and ds shared repo) sample(s) to deploy idm and userstore in gke cluster.
      • add user entry through idm with curl command
      • analyse userstore access log to see operations ran by idm

      userstore access log when creating entry with smoke deployment sample

      note : smoke deployment sample configures idm to use userstore to store user entries and postgres

      [30/Aug/2019:09:17:33 +0000] SEARCH REQ conn=1 op=9 msgID=10 base="" scope=base filter="(objectClass=*)" attrs="subschemaSubentry"
      [30/Aug/2019:09:17:33 +0000] SEARCH RES conn=1 op=9 msgID=10 result=0 nentries=1 etime=4
      [30/Aug/2019:09:17:33 +0000] ADD REQ conn=1 op=10 msgID=11 dn="uid=johnDoe,ou=identities"
      [30/Aug/2019:09:17:33 +0000] ADD RES conn=1 op=10 msgID=11 result=0 etime=38
      [30/Aug/2019:09:17:33 +0000] SEARCH REQ conn=1 op=11 msgID=12 base="uid=johnDoe,ou=identities" scope=base filter="(objectClass=*)" attrs="entryUUID"
      [30/Aug/2019:09:17:33 +0000] SEARCH RES conn=1 op=11 msgID=12 result=0 nentries=1 etime=2
      [30/Aug/2019:09:17:33 +0000] SEARCH REQ conn=1 op=12 msgID=13 base="ou=identities" scope=sub filter="(&(entryUUID=6951d74c-b505-4a91-8f72-2a63c1e3b33f)(&(objectClass=top)(objectClass=person)(objectClass=organizationalPerson)(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)))" attrs="cn,description,ds-pwp-account-disabled,employeeType,entryUUID,givenName,iplanet-am-user-alias-list,isMemberOf,kbaInfo,mail,objectClass,sn,telephoneNumber,uid"
      [30/Aug/2019:09:17:33 +0000] SEARCH RES conn=1 op=12 msgID=13 result=0 nentries=1 etime=3


      • related performance task : PERF-1208
      • subtask - PERF-1209




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