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Separate Internal repo config from customer model repo config




      In the repo config for both jdbc and ds there are internal mappings that can not be changed by the customer without breaking IDM functionality, for example, the `sync/queue` mapping. These internal mappings should not be in the repo config file and instead should be stored in an internal config file. The repo config file should only include the stuff the customer needs to config according to their model. Customer configurable pieces should include the connection settings, managed objects, and internal objects. There may be other pieces to include, as part of this story each mapping should be gone through and pulled out of the repo config if it is not something the customer should modify.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • repo.ds.json and repo.jdbc.json should only include configuration customers should modify.
      • Unit tests should exist that the internal and external configuration both are applied once they are separated
      • No repo functionality should be lost in this effort
      • Forgeops repo config should be updated in this effort
      • File a FRAAS jira so the FRAAS config can be updated.
      • This work should be backwards compatible so if a customer is using the old repo config it will override this change. Anything in the repo config files should override the internal config file.




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