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Optimized RDVP calculation



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      Currently, RDVP calculation requires the relationships specified in the queryConfig to be traversed upon signal receipt. It should be possible to include the state of traversed vertices in the signal propagation, and then to engage the RDVP filtering/flattening logic for the RDVP definitions targeted by this signal propagation, so as to avoid the traversal of the queryConfig defined relationships.

      This will certainly work for edge creation; edge deletion is more problematic if a given vertex can be reached by multiple paths. Schema parsing and possibly config surface enhancements must be devised to determine if the graph topology between signal origin and target is a tree, the necessary condition for engaging the optimized RDVP calculation for edge deletions. 

      As part of this work, signal propagation must also honor temporal constraints. In other words, the relationship traversal involved in RDVP calculation currently honors temporal constrains on vertices and edges - i.e. edges/vertices are not traversed if temporal constraints are not in effect. If this traversal does not occur, then signal propagation must honor these constraints. This is not currently the case - which might be considered incorrect. 




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