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several samples are not working properly with sample configuration for MySQL explicit mapping




      Integrator's guide explain how to use explicit mapping with MySQL : http://openidm.forgerock.org/doc/integrators-guide/index.html#explicit-mappings

      But once OpenIDM is set-up with this configuration, then some samples (e.g. 1, 2, 5, 7, 9, taskscanner) are not working properly because the schema for the managed_user table in sample-explicit-managed-user.sql script lacks some colums that are used by the samples.

      For example, when we launch sample1 recon, the users are reconciliated from XML to managed user, but the property "description" is not present on the users (because not part of the schema). Same problem with sample2 but this time with columns "displayName", "effectiveAssignments" and "effectiveRoles". Same problem with TaskScanner sample with "active" column.

      This might not be considered as very problematic for customers, but from a testability point of view it is a bit painful. QA would like to launch all the existing tests that work with MySQL also with MySQL-with-explicit-mapping, but many tests fails because they use samples as foundation.

      If we decide to not fix this, then at least we should:

      • document that the sample for explicit-mapping configuration won't be compatible with some of the samples described in the documentation.
      • and by the way, recheck the repo.jdbc-mysql-explicit-managed-user.json file because there are still some unexpected diff with current mysql file (like userid col added in audit/access)


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