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Infinite loop within Restlet 2.1.2 library when using ExternalRest over SSL



      When using the External Rest Service to communicate with a REST endpoint over SSL, repeated requests against the external service often result in OpenIDM consuming 100% and a infinite loop being triggered within the bundled Restlet library.

      The problem can be reproduced as follows:
      1. Configure a OpenIDM cluster w/MSQL Repository, JDK 7 and CentOS 6.7
      2. Add the attached `test` endpoint to both nodes
      3. Install the Javascript version of the customendpoint sample to both nodes
      4. Invoke the `test` endpoint repeatedly against both nodes. I ran the following request within a loop in two separate terminal windows.

      curl -k -X GET -H "X-OpenIDM-Username: anonymous" -H "X-OpenIDM-Password: anonymous" https://{HOSTNAME}:8443/openidm/endpoint/test

      Note that after a small number of requests are processed the clients hang. On the server you will observe the CPU usage spike as a result of 1-2 JVM threads which are consuming all of the CPU and appear to be looping within Restlet code.

      The issue appears to be caused by Restlet Issue #805.

      Upgrading the version of Restlet we ship with OpenIDM to v2.2.1 or above appears to resolve the issue.


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