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Entire source object is returned when an attribute in sample data is null




      The following issue(s) occur when using sample data for the attribute mappings on the Admin UI:

      1. If an attribute is null, the entire source object is returned in the attribute GUID when the mapper is tested.

      2. When the entire source object is returned, source !== null doesn't work

      Steps to reproduce:

      I have two mappings with a transformation: uid:userName and disabled:testBool. The transformation logic is simple source !== null. In the case of uid:userName, I can see that the test data returns userName(true) but not in the case of disabled:testBool *(see screenshot mapping1). The difference between the two is that disabled is null for this sample data but not for uid.

      After inspecting the disabled:testBool mapping (see screen shot mapping2), I see that Current value for "source": disabled at the top, and the bottom displays the full user object on the bottom of the screen. However, the same is not true for the uid:userName mapping (see screen shot mapping3).

      Furthermore, if I change the logic in the disabled:testBool mapping to be source.disabled !== null, no sample data is returned. if I change the logic in uid:userName to be source.uid !== null then the value true is returned (see mapping 4). I believe this is also an issue because you should not be able to specify source.anyattribute if you have specified the source attribute. So, although the UI is allowing you to specify source.anyattribute, the server would have an issue with that.


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