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Collect doc stories required for CDM (OpenIDM 5.0)


    • Type: Epic
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Done
    • Affects Version/s: OpenIDM 5.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: documentation
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      Documentation requirements for CDM
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      OPENIDM-6333: CDM – Google Social ID only: describe config process (5)
      OPENIDM-6461: CDM – Facebook Social ID only: describe config process (2)
      OPENIDM-6462: CDM – Linkedin Social ID only: describe config process (2)
      OPENIDM-6402: Document the schema change that the UI will set in managed.json for new IdPs (.5)
      OPENIDM-3010: Document Support for OpenID Connect Auth Module in OpenIDM (2)

      OPENIDM-6473 Document how to create a new Social Provider and make it available through the list of existing ones (2)
      OPENIDM-6493 Document CDM endpoints (Lana)
      OPENIDM-6495 Describe ability of endusers to turn on and off links to social profiles (1)
      OPENIDM-6539 Include SOCIAL_PROVIDERS in the list of auth modules (1)
      OPENIDM-6541 Include CDM files in layout appendix (complete)
      OPENIDM-6548 CDM: Describe linking process between Social ID Accounts (1)
      OPENIDM-6553 Document Marketo Connector (Commercial-only) (Lana)

      Suggested lower priority items: (projected target: OpenIDM 5.5 – moving to a separate Epic)

      OPENIDM-6582 CDM: describe data flow from IdP to managed user (2)
      (not essential to functionality)
      OPENIDM-6438 Social ID: Document Preferences Tab for Users (2)
      (End user, somewhat self-explanatory)
      OPENIDM-6466 Create new Full Stack Sample, Update OpenAM auth module information (5)
      (May be best to wait until OpenAM 14 is released)
      OPENIDM-6403: Describe the common schema for disparate IdP profiles (1)
      (based on selfservice.propertymap.json)
      OPENIDM-6584 CDM: Include explanation of Social Registration properties (1)
      (similar to OPENIDM-6403)
      OPENIDM-6475 Doc configuration of filters for user preferences in sync/recon (2)
      (While mockup is complete, per openidm-6479, there is no follow-up dev work)


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