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Best practices for both Cluster Configuration and Configuration Deployment



      As described in OPENIDM-6588, there are cases where clustered OpenIDM nodes can become out of sync with respect to their active in-memory configuration. Furthermore specific sequences of events can result in configuration within the repository being overwritten with out of date config from other nodes, leading to confusion and unexpected runtime results.

      Explicit guidelines which describe:

      • Best practices for installing multiple nodes within OpenIDM cluster
        • When using a shared config repository
        • When using local memory resident config repository
      • How-to 'prime' or initially populate the shared JDBC config repo with the OpenIDM config
      • How-to configure nodes after initial priming of the config repo has occured
      • How-to ensure that config remains consistent across all nodes within a cluster
      • How-to manage configuration changes both from:
        • The Web-based Admin UI
        • The on-disk JSON configuration
        • The OpenIDM CLI
      • Best practices with respect to cluster configuration and configuration deployment throughout the life-cycle of a project including, Development, Test and Production


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