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Create zip patch for Q2 Social Providers


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      OpenIDM Sprint 77


      The business wants to release Amazon, Wordpress, MS, and Yahoo as "add-on" social provider configurations that can be used with 5.0.0.

      We have created a repository for the Q2 add-on at https://stash.forgerock.org/projects/OPENIDM/repos/openidm-5.0-add-on/browse that contains the updated identityProviders.json and a few javascript files. This repo will be used as sources to copy on top of 5.0.0 or used to generate a patch file for identityProviders.json.

      Using the release/5.0.0-Q2 branch as a base, remove everything that is unnecessary to deliver as an IDM patch over 5.0.0. Then, add the javascript files and icons from the 5.0-add-on branch on top of where they are presently. Finally, create an identityProviders.json.patch that, when applied, transforms the identityProviders.json shipped in 5.0.0 to the new one that includes the new providers.

      The README.md needs to describe how to apply the update patch using the Update facility on top of your running OpenIDM 5.0.0 version so that the new providers are available.

      Lastly, we need to test all the new and existing providers to ensure they all work.


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