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Not Found error when accessing a process instance via Admin UI


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      From Admin UI: Manage > Processes > Active tab. Clicking on a process instance results in a "Not Found Error" dialog.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Follow and complete steps for samples/workflow
      • Create a new managed user, user2, that resembles user1 via the Admin UI. This way the _id of the user will get generated (unlike user1)
      • Log into Self Service UI as user2
      • Submit a contractor request to create a process instance
      • Log out and log into Admin UI as administrator
      • Go to Manage > Processes > Active tab.
      • Click on a process instance
      • Should get "Not Found Error" dialog.

      When creating a workflow, the processinstance is saved with the userName (actually authenticationId from the request object) of the user who initiated the workflow (saved in startUserId). When you go to view a processinstance via the Admin UI, the view will fail if the user's _id is not the same as the userName. The sample/workflow works, because we create user whose _id is the same as their userName. If you create a user with the auto-generated _id, it will not.




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