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Misc isssues in Installation doc



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      1) https://qa-backstage.forgerock.com/docs/idm/5.5/install-guide/#installing-openidm
      Download ${opendm.abbr} from the ForgeRock BackStage site
      => variable does not seem to work

      Notet that this issue is also present in the Getting Started guide:

      2) https://qa-backstage.forgerock.com/docs/idm/5.5/install-guide/#openidm-uis
      "In addition, administrative users can configure and manage workflows in the Self-Service UI. For more information, see Section 19.3.5, "Managing User Access to Workflows" in the Integrator's Guide."
      => this is not really true. In the Self-Admin UI, users (admin or not) can be users of the configured workflow (going from one task to the other), but the configuration/administration of the workflow themselves is done by admin in the Admin UI.

      3) https://qa-backstage.forgerock.com/docs/idm/5.5/install-guide/#section-update-cli
      "Apply the repository update scripts now. It'll prevent a whole host of WARNING messages in the IDM console, as shown later in this procedure."
      "If you haven't already run the repository update scripts, you may see many error messages in the console, similar to:
      WARNING: Resource exception: 500 Internal
      Server Error: "Creating object failed after 1 attempts (1054-42S22):
      Unknown column 'provider' in 'field list'"
      org.forgerock.json.resource.InternalServerErrorException: Creating object failed
      after 1 attempts (1054-42S22): Unknown column 'provider' in 'field list'
      These messages do not affect the update process. As long as you apply the update scripts before restarting IDM, the messages shown above should not matter."

      => I don't think we should comment on what happen if don't follow our procedure. That is making the whole procedure more complicated to read.

      4) https://qa-backstage.forgerock.com/docs/idm/5.5/install-guide/#update-ui-intermediate
      "Start AM."
      => should be IDM

      5) https://qa-backstage.forgerock.com/docs/idm/5.5/install-guide/#redirect-openidm-writes
      In this section we show how to redirect audit logs to another folder
      But the extract from audit.json is outdated (it is using handlerForQueries:repo and CSV instead of JSON)
      => please rebase this on the fresh audit.json for 5.5 version




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