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Add scripting support for OpenIG



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      OpenIG provides a powerful expression mechanism which allows variables to be extracted from inbound HTTP messages and assigned to outbound HTTP messages.

      OpenIG expressions are analogous to expressions in a programming language (e.g. assignment expressions). A programming language would usually link expressions together using control statements such as loops and conditional statements. In OpenIG "control" is provided via the configuration, yielding potentially complex and unmaintainable configuration.

      As a user it would be much more convenient for me if I could leverage the rich set of control statements and other language capabilities of a scripting language. This will result in a more compact configuration, and also allow me to address more complex transformation use cases without being forced to develop my own OpenIG filters.

      Suggested fix: provide a JSR 223 filter and handler implementation. The filter/handler should:

      • obtain the script from a parameter (if small), a file, or possibly a URL
      • inject OpenIG state into the script context (e.g. the exchange)
      • provide a toolbox of common utility methods, probably derived from the existing filter/handler implementations
      • provide utility methods for parsing and generating JSON, and optionally XML.




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