Release Notes - OpenIDM - Version OpenIDM 2.0.0 - HTML format


  • [OPENIDM-448] - Reconciliation process is stopped when the first readObject throws SynchronizationException
  • [OPENIDM-466] - Wrong Logger Classname in
  • [OPENIDM-471] - On Mac when using Safari, the simple authentication always pops up even when registering a new user.
  • [OPENIDM-477] - There is SQL locking issue when multiple thread try to create or update object.
  • [OPENIDM-479] - Start-up logs all repository configuration file contents in clear text, replace with logging where configuration came from
  • [OPENIDM-487] - JAAS authentication fails on some platforms
  • [OPENIDM-490] - Router config must be more resilient
  • [OPENIDM-515] - Need to be able to match activity log entries to recon log entries, and tell who initiated the action
  • [OPENIDM-517] - OrientDB service gets stuck in "activating" state at startup
  • [OPENIDM-1248] - Command to launch workflow from script is not correct in the documentation
  • [OPENIDM-1458] - OrientDB download page and console output changed with version 1.5

New Feature

  • [OPENIDM-428] - REST inbound policy enforcement point and default policy
  • [OPENIDM-434] - Ability to attach javascript debugger
  • [OPENIDM-435] - Tool to validate basic validity of all .json configurations
  • [OPENIDM-439] - Setup default Jetty based authentication out of the box
  • [OPENIDM-446] - Productize reconciliation status reports
  • [OPENIDM-450] - Support Jetty based security
  • [OPENIDM-464] - Support Authentication against OpenIDM Repository / managed object


  • [OPENIDM-430] - Utilize forgerock commons ROA
  • [OPENIDM-431] - Single links table
  • [OPENIDM-432] - Link inheritance, eliminate back-links
  • [OPENIDM-433] - Cleanup and align windows start/stop scripts
  • [OPENIDM-436] - Cleanup of system properties file
  • [OPENIDM-440] - Prevent Reconciliation from running until the system reports complete start-up
  • [OPENIDM-445] - Clean up default non-interactive start
  • [OPENIDM-449] - Support http context that is shareable across the UI and the REST interface
  • [OPENIDM-462] - Default configuration for email and package all needed libraries
  • [OPENIDM-463] - Readable default formatting for JSON output
  • [OPENIDM-478] - Email external connectivity password needs to get encrypted
  • [OPENIDM-481] - For JDBC generic tables support query result handling directly on searchable properties table
  • [OPENIDM-488] - org.forgerock.openidm.repo.jdbc.impl.MappedTableHandler create WARNING: Value for col 8 is not a STRING!!! class java.util.LinkedHashMap
  • [OPENIDM-493] - Change Documentation Chapter Activiti to Workflow and Business Processes
  • [OPENIDM-494] - Add a default $OPENIDM/workflow directory
  • [OPENIDM-495] - Rename $OPENIDM/jscript to $OPENIDM/script to cater for more scripting languages
  • [OPENIDM-496] - onFailure triggers
  • [OPENIDM-499] - Clean up default canonical model
  • [OPENIDM-501] - JDBC repo explicit table mapping enhancements
  • [OPENIDM-502] - Password sync needs to work in the context of the enhanced authentication
  • [OPENIDM-506] - CREATE support on back link / bi-directional link use
  • [OPENIDM-507] - Disable OrientDB multi casting by default
  • [OPENIDM-508] - Provida and log a situation (SOURCE_IGNORED) for source objects that are "not qualified" and with no link or target object
  • [OPENIDM-509] - Implement the UNASSIGNED situation
  • [OPENIDM-512] - Add patch and action to activity log by default
  • [OPENIDM-518] - Improve recon strategy to never go through evaluated targets twice

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