Release Notes - OpenIDM - Version OpenIDM 2.0.1 - HTML format


  • [OPENIDM-523] - Reconciliation for sample1 with default installation results in JSON resource exception
  • [OPENIDM-530] - OpenICF connectors and related should not have EA tag anymore
  • [OPENIDM-532] - Authentication rejected on first start-up (possible filter registration issue)
  • [OPENIDM-533] - Shutdown script seems to have stopped working
  • [OPENIDM-538] - SSL Mutual auth should set openidm-cert role
  • [OPENIDM-541] - Rest POST managed/user?_action=patch returning with no response the status should be 204
  • [OPENIDM-542] - ManagedObjectProperty#onStore does not put the encrypted value into JsonCrypto


  • [OPENIDM-534] - Align the sample configuration with AD and OpenDJ remote agent paramters

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