[OPENDJ-1142] OpenDJ setup does not work in Java8 EA - A security class cannot be found in this JVM Created: 11/Sep/13  Updated: 08/Nov/19  Resolved: 21/Nov/16

Status: Done
Project: OpenDJ
Component/s: security
Affects Version/s: 2.6.0
Fix Version/s: 3.0.0, 2.8.0, 2.6.2

Type: Bug Priority: Major
Reporter: Richard Kolb [X] (Inactive) Assignee: Ludovic Poitou
Resolution: Fixed Votes: 0
Labels: 2.6.x-candidate, Verified, release-notes

Linux Ubuntu 64bit OpenJDK 8 (build 1.8.0-ea-b106)

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QA Assignee: Ondrej Fuchsik
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As apart of the AdoptAJSR OpenJDK testing, I was testing OpenDJ

It seems the GUI setup of OpenDJ does not complete when I select the OpenDJ to automatically create 2000 entries .

Please see attached log file

Comment by Ludovic Poitou [ 11/Sep/13 ]

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the report. I've been trying to participate in the Adopt-openjdk and testing OpenDJ with openjdk8.
For now, I'm blocked with a build issue with DSML and XJC (I'm using CloudBees dev@cloud, Jenkins to build and test).

I will look in the setup issue.



Comment by Richard Kolb [X] (Inactive) [ 11/Sep/13 ]

Hi Ludovic

Oops, did not see your entry
There was a swing issue with OpenDJ when using Java 7 in the early days. I was just trying to prevent something similar.


Comment by Ludovic Poitou [ 11/Sep/13 ]

You're welcome to help, and we're thankful for that.
My goal is to have a complete nightly build and test on openjdk8. Currently the build is failing due to XJC and the new restrictions on loading schema. I haven't been able to pass that issue yet (in my limited time).
Now I'm surprised the class cannot be found. It's still part of jdk8 afaik.

Comment by Ludovic Poitou [ 26/Sep/13 ]

Looks like CertAndKeyGen class was moved from sun.security.x509 to sun.security.tools.keytool in openjdk8.

Comment by Ludovic Poitou [ 02/Oct/13 ]


The issue is fixed now, can you update the Adopt OpenJDK 8 wiki page.
The CI with Jdk8 is here: https://ludovicp.ci.cloudbees.com/job/OpenDJ/
Currently the build is marked as failing because we have a couple of tests that are randomly failing. These tests are way too complex for "unit-tests", involve several threads and services within the same VM and tend to be sensitive to timing and number of CPUs. We have the same issue with these tests with Java 6 and 7, so nothing related to Java 8. We could disable these tests, but we think it's better for us to keep them enabled and try to make sure the outcome is deterministic as we work on the code.

But all other 34000+ tests are successfully passing.

We still have one issue with Java8 in our build system, with XJC, but it looks like https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8020999. I'm waiting for it to be resolved to try again building the whole project.



Comment by Richard Kolb [X] (Inactive) [ 02/Oct/13 ]

Hi Ludo
Thanks very much for the effort. I have updated the wiki
You are more than welcome to edit the wiki in future if you wish

Thanks for the info on JDK-8020999, I added this issue to the wiki

BTW 34000, is freaking awesome

Comment by Ondrej Fuchsik [ 07/Oct/14 ]

Manually verified GUI setup and also CLI setup.

Comment by Matthew Swift [ 06/May/15 ]

Re-opened in order to add fixVersion 3.0.0

Comment by Matthew Swift [ 06/May/15 ]

Tagged for bulk CLOSE after update.

Comment by Quentin CASTEL [X] (Inactive) [ 20/Nov/16 ]

modification of the status, in order to migrate the 'Zendesk ID' field to 'Support Ticket ID' field.

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