[OPENDJ-4043] Backport OPENDJ-3825: Spring daylight savings change can break recurring tasks Created: 16/May/17  Updated: 08/Nov/19  Resolved: 17/May/17

Status: Done
Project: OpenDJ
Component/s: backends, tools
Affects Version/s: 3.5.0, 2.6.2
Fix Version/s: 3.5.3

Type: Bug Priority: Minor
Reporter: Chris Ridd Assignee: Chris Ridd
Resolution: Fixed Votes: 0
Labels: Community, Verified, release-notes

Rhel 7.2

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is a backport of OPENDJ-3825 Spring daylight savings change can br... Done
QA Assignee: Viktor Nawrath [X] (Inactive)
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Just last week this backup command was working but recently the flag --recurringTask "00 02 * * 0" is causing an error as shown below (nonexistent calendar date). In addition these flags are also erring in the same way --recurringTask "00 02 * * 1" and --recurringTask "00 02 * * 2".

Strangely, when using --recurringTask "00 02 * * 3" the command executes successfully.

[basopndj@apim-api-manager-user-store-initial ~]$ /opt/opendj/bin/backup --port 4444 --bindDN "cn=Directory Administrator" -j "/opt/opendj/config/pwd/pwd.txt" --backUpAll --backupID fullbackup01 --compress --backupDirectory "/opt/opendj/backup/fullbackup" --recurringTask "00 02 * * 0"
ERROR: An error occurred while trying to decode the response from the server:

The provided recurring task entry attribute ds-recurring-task-schedule holding

the recurring task schedule has invalid tokens combination yielding a

nonexistent calendar date
[basopndj@apim-api-manager-user-store-initial ~]$ /opt/opendj/bin/backup --port 4444 --bindDN "cn=Directory Administrator" -j "/opt/opendj/config/pwd/pwd.txt" --backUpAll --backupID fullbackup01 --compress --backupDirectory "/opt/opendj/backup/fullbackup" --recurringTask "00 02 * * 3"
Recurring Backup task fullbackup01 scheduled successfully

Comment by Viktor Nawrath [X] (Inactive) [ 28/Jun/17 ]

Verified on OpenDJ 3.5.3 (rev.: 827ebf9408caa3140d9c88d9bcf7608a82a07648)

On GMT/CET, it doesn't shcedule the task for the next hour after the time change, but skips the week completely.

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