[OPENDJ-6676] Upgrade: provide compatibility report generation capability Created: 26/Sep/19  Updated: 25/Jun/20

Status: Dev backlog
Project: OpenDJ
Component/s: upgrade
Affects Version/s: 7.0.0
Fix Version/s: None

Type: New Feature Priority: Major
Reporter: Mark Craig Assignee: Unassigned
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As a user of DS software and especially DS servers, I need to know what has changed before I upgrade my production environment. Today this involves reading one or more sets of release notes (more than one if I have skipped a release), upgrading test instances and testing, maybe further investigation including reading more documentation when things break. If my directory services are working fine and I don't need (or am not aware that I need) new features, I am hesitant to upgrade because the upgrade might break something.

It would be helpful to have a feature that could compare the version I am upgrading to with the version I am upgrading from before upgrade, and generate a report including:

  • Compatibility changes that affect the upgraded software (deprecations, removals)
  • Compatibility changes reflecting updated best practices such as new defaults that won't be applied to the upgraded software, but that I should seriously consider (e.g. for security reasons)
  • Steps I will need to take after upgrade
  • Whether the upgrade is expected to involve long running processes (e.g. because the database format changed an upgrade will require reindexing all attributes)

For extra credit, it would be nice if the same feature could be used to generate the source of the generic compatibility documentation that we publish.

Comment by Matthew Swift [ 25/Jun/20 ]

Suggested fix (I've avoided using the term "changelog" in order to avoid confusion with the replication changelog):

  • enhance the upgrade task mechanism to also include a method for registering release note messages: developers register "release note tasks" whenever an important new feature is implemented or existing capabilities are deprecated or removed
  • add a new "release notes" tool, a kind of lightweight upgrade tool, whose role is simply to display a list of release note messages based on the binary version and the installed version. The tool could also have options for providing from and to versions, so that users can review release notes after upgrading if needed.
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